Nature Clicker- Free Blender Addon

Oliver J Post
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A free addon for placing nature assets with more control than particle systems. See the video for a full feature overview

IMPORTANT: Known Limitation:

The addon sometimes has some snapping issues for certain view angles. If you are experiencing this, look from a high perspective while placing assets. Read more at the bottom of this page. 

Features not shown in video:

-Light on your memory usage, since the created copies are instances by default

-Once you have pressed the 'start clicking' button, you can move around your scene without having to quit the placing operation. You can also change the sliders in the addon panel without quitting the placing operation

-If you enable 'move objects to CLICKR collection' you can hide all the assets in one go by hiding the collection

-works with lot's of nature assets, including Grasswald, Botaniq, your own creations etc. 

-press ENTER (or Return on MacOS) to get a new random object to place (this was shown in the video, but because of the hotkey binding I'm repeating it here

This addon was created as a companion to:

A 9$ flower asset pack. I created this addon because I wanted an easier way to place this kind of nature assets. If you are interested in expanding your nature collection and supporting me at the same time, you can find it here on BlenderMarket:


-download the .py file and install like any other addon in preferences>addons>install

-you can find the panel in the bar that shows and hides when pressing the n key


-the snapping part of the code was largely based on the snapping example code shared by the user 'lemon' on Blender StackExchange

-the 'move origins to bottom' code was shared by the user 'batFINGER' on Blender StackExchange

More about the snapping issues:

If you are experiencing this issue, look from a higher perspective at your scene. Sometimes you have to look almost straight down while placing with nature clicker to eliminate this problem. I'm trying to fix this, but if you might know the solution, don't hesitate to contact me. 

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A free addon for Blender allowing for randomized manual placement of nature assets

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Nature Clicker- Free Blender Addon

148 ratings
I want this!